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Deep Tissue Massages and Hot Stone Massages in San Clemente, California

Time Out Massage, in San Clemente, California, gives your body the extra attention it needs through deep tissue, hot stone, and foot massages. Visit us to unwind from the stress of your day.

Deep Tissue Massage

$60 per hour

This type of massage helps alleviate aches, pains, and tension in your muscles for relaxation. It also works on damaged muscles. You are comfortably wrapped in warm towels and our rooms and beds are heated. Our massage center contains 2 private rooms and one private couples room.

Hot Stone Massage

$70 per hour

Heat from the stones brings the deep pain of your muscles to the surface to allow a more effective technique for reducing tightness. By the end, you entire body feels loose and relaxed.

Foot Massage

$40 per hour

You are fully clothed in a reclining massage chair as our certified therapists loosen tissues deep inside your feet, resulting in a curing effect. Foot massages are also referred to as reflexology massages.

Chair Massage

$20 per 15 minutee

We also offer "mini-massages".

Contact us today to hear more about the different kinds of massages we offer.